BBK Air Filter Cleaner & Oil Recharger Kit

BBK Air Filter Cleaner & Oil Recharger Kit


-BBK Air Filter Cleaner & Oil Recharger Kit
  • -Easily Clean and Renew Your BBK Air Filter
  • -Includes Cleaning Solution and Blue Oil to Match the Original Color of Your Filter
  • -Lasts for Several Cleanings

    Keep Your Filter Clean for Maximum Performance
    BBK Cold Air Filter Cleaner and Oil Recharger Kit allows the the filter on your cold air kit to be cleaned and re-oiled like new. The oil is blue to match your BBK original cold air filter. Make your filter perform like new again and last thousands more miles.

    Easy to Use Kit
    Cleaning and re-oiling is very easy. You simply remove the filter from your BBK cold air intake kit and wet it with the cleaning solution. Then simply rinse it off and allow it to air dry. When it dries, lightly apply the oil. After a little while touch up any light spots and reinstall in your car. Going very light on the first pass helps prevent over-oiling.

    Complete Kit
    This kit includes BBK's special cleaning solution and blue oil. That's all you need to clean and re-oil your filter. Most users wash and re-oil their air filter every other oil change though you should check it occasionally, especially if you drive in dusty conditions.

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