#TeamOutlaw has decades of combined racer experience. Our team not only builds some of the baddest cars and engines in the Southwest, we also actively participate in local and national race events. In short, the Outlaw Race Engines staff has the hands on knowledge to help you achieve your performance goals. Get to know each of our team members here:
In 2016, Jason Smith saw an opportunity to create a real one stop shop for all performance oriented builds and has setup Outlaw Race Engines to truly be that place.  He equipped our Phoenix location with a full retail store front where we stock more performance parts than anyone in Arizona, an engine dyno, a full machine shop with a 5 axis CNC machine, a Main Line chassis dyno, and a full service center.  His vision was to give local racers a place where they could get anything they need done, done and done right.
Richard Shelly has been with Outlaw Race Engines since we opened and continues to manage our in-house machine shop.  He's been racing since the ripe old age of 12 and has a number of wins under his belt.  In 2019 Richard won the  WCHRA Ultra Street Championship and continues to race on prepped surface events and at no prep races.  His experience is vast as he's had just about every engine setup come across his plate throughout his career and our machine shop.  Richard builds all race application motors here in-house and quality checks them on our engine dyno to ensure our customers receive the best running engine possible.
Tim, an Air Force Veteran, came to Outlaw Race Engines as a full time technician in 2020 but has been wrenching on and racing cars since the age of 10 years old.  Being a California native, it'd only make sense that his race car is an absolutely stunning 1962 convertible Corvette.  That's not even the coolest part, the car was actually passed down to him from his father who owned a shop in Southern California and ran LACR when it was still around.  Tim might prefer GM platforms and engines but he's well versed in all major domestic US brands and performance engines. Tim is dedicated to modifying all customer builds from the early 80's and older.
 Bill Wallace...does that name ring a bell?  If you're into drag racing, it probably should.  The man damn near wins every race he enters and has been churning out killer port work for over 25 years.  He's been with Outlaw Race Engines since we opened and handles all of our performance head builds.  Many of our CNC programs are actually written from his hand porting work.  Bill is also a 20 year Veteran and has been racing since the 80's and is well known for is affection of the Mercury Capri fox body cars. 
 Brent Morrison is a new addition to Outlaw Race Engines retail store where he manages the retail orders, on hand inventory, product logistics, and advises customers on technical issues.  Brent is an excellent resource to go to in order to find the performance parts you need to reach the goals you have for your vehicle.
Jeff Sims is a 20 year Army Veteran and has been working at Outlaw Race Engines for over three years.  He currently races his big tire Chevy Monza but has years of engine and performance experience from his previous 20 years of building boats.  Jeff won the very first race he entered in 2019 and continues to improve his race program with the 660 Race Family.  This is the man that will tear down, clean, and inspect an engine in the blink of an eye.  He also helps assemble quite a few of our engine rebuilds for local customers and has had his hands on 500+ projects throughout his career.
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